Sandy in transparent plastic clothing

Plastic Fetish Girl Sandy in PVC

Set #0074 - Inflatable Shell
Model Sandy poses on an inflatable pvc shell with a transparent vinyl bikini

Set #0056 - Cyber Sofa
Inflatables make this girl hot

Set #0049 - In bed with Sandy

Set #0040 - Teenage Dream

Set #0033 - Plastified

Set #0026 - Raining Beauty

Set #0012 - Clear Intentions

Set #0005 - Getting comfortable

Model: Sandy

Verotel features high class plastic & pvc fetish photography and nude art of beautiful girls in transparent vinyl clothing. We love sexy alternative models in clear plastic fetish dresses and pvc rainwear.

Enjoy the unique feeling of soft plastic on your skin and become addicted to the delicious sights that transparent pvc reveals. Fully nude, yet dressed at the same time!