“We are constantly looking for beautiful girls to shoot with.
Join the pink plastic fetish frenzy and become a plastilicious model now!.”

plastic fetish girls in pvc clothing

plastic fetish girls in pvc clothing

plastic fetish girls in pvc clothing

Plastic Models Wanted!

If you can make us believe in your enthusiasm for the feel of plastic on your skin, you have what it takes to become a part of plastilicious. We are constantly searching for confident and beautiful women who want to expand their model opportunities and get paid for high class fetish photography.

Model requirements

All models are required to bring proof of legal age. You are expected to be experienced with posing and comfortable with full nudity in front of the camera.

I have read and understand the above


We are looking for models with clothing sizes small to medium whose appearance matches our page in look and style. A firm body, clear skin and a physical attractiveness are mandatory. You must be willing to remove any facial and belly piercings during shoot, if necessary. Please also keep in mind that e.g. festival wristbands also must be removable.

I have read and understand the above

Makeup and Hairstyle

We can provide a professional makeup artist. If however you can do your own professional styling we are happy to favor you. Hair colors like pink and blonde are privileged as well.

Personal Information

First Name

Last Name


Postal Code


Email Address

Tell us about yourself

Your modeling experience/credits

Why do you want to model for us?


Size (cm)

Weight (kg)



Please provide representative high quality nude application photos, including at least one portrait and one full body shot. All images are required NOT to be retouched.

Full Body
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Privacy Notice

All information will be solely used for casting reasons. You hereby allow the information to be electronically processed by our server, to be kept in our records and to be reviewed by our staff and jury. Personal information provided will be kept confidential and is not published in any way. We also don't send you any spam.


Please do not call or mail for a followup. We are happy to receive your application. If we are interested and want to get in contact with you, we will! Thank you!