Nadine at the Studio  - New plastilicious model

New plastilicious model

Nadine at the Studio

We’re shooting a new model in the studio right now, please welcome sexy girl Nadine to our plastilicious family and look forward to a couple of tantalizing new sets.

Maria rocks on  - A cheeky hot rocker bitch

A cheeky hot rocker bitch

Maria rocks on

When Maria came to the plastilicious studio, she vanished into the plastic clothing closet and we literally had to drag her out of there. Here is just one of the sexy outfits she worked her magic in. Let this rock gal turn your head with her smooth skin in a hot pvc mini skirt and a sexy soft plastic raincoat. Truly erotic eye candy for any plastic lover!

Sensual Sara plastic nurse  - New plastilicious model gets creamed

New plastilicious model gets creamed

Sensual Sara plastic nurse

A little shy but gorgeous and incredibly hot. Thats Sara, our latest plastilicious addition. This is where the fun goes on! After shooting the first set, Sara poured cream all over her sexy body and went on, stretching out on an inflatable pvc mattress. It couldn’t get any hotter!

Lisa goes Lustre  - Red plastic maids dress

Red plastic maids dress

Lisa goes Lustre

Lustre is the name of this weeks new set by plastilicious model Lisa. In this ultra hot artistic nude set, Lisa shows her gorgeous body on the plastic bed in a wonderfully soft red pvc maids dress, and believe us those pictures are sexier than any pictures ever. You wish you were there when we shot them!

Jane’s debut  - The new punky Plastilicious model

The new punky Plastilicious model

Jane’s debut

Come and watch the first set of punk model Jane on Plastilicious. Until now not seen on any previous set, is the sexy Prom Dress we reserved especially for a very glamorous addition to plastilicious. Enjoy Jane in her very first brilliant debut.


Elena has her new set online! Enjoy this cute plastic nurse!


“My dream came true, when Marco photographed me in different plastic outfits in his set”, said Model Ophelia Overdose in her blog. So we sure hope you enjoy the set as much as she did! Check it out in the member section!


Hey all, we are back open, and working hard on bringing you way more pictures. Sadly, still people are stealing our passwords and work, without paying for it. This is really annoying and not at all a way to ensure site quality. We have to point out that any such behavior will be prosecuted and the appropriate user account will be removed.
But to start with something pleasant: Here’s a new set of Maria. Also in the work pipeline a new set of Sandy, which will be released soon. Look out for it. We’re also happy to announce a few upcoming shoots with superb models!


As of today we have disabled the join page and started restructuring the site. This is mainly due to fraudulent use, password trading, and lack of time to supply new sets to existing members. In the near future you will be able to purchase single sets through a reliable download service and only pay a one time fee per set. We will no longer offer a global member area, nor a recurring membership. Of course new sets will be offered on an irregular basis as they are finished. All sets will be digitally watermarked to help discover any form of copyright infrigement or illegal trading. Once again we cannot stress enough: any form of unfair and fraudulent use hinders the creation of new content. We see no reason to continue shooting at our only expense, if our pictures are nothing but stolen! Please be fair. Thank you.


Happy new year to you all with a lovely new addition to our website. This is Lola, our latest model who debuts her first set with a sexy see through plastic catsuit on the blow-up bed.

Despite our reputation for not photographing models with eye-catching tattoos, we made an exception for Lola, and we were not disappointed. Come see her in the members section now!

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